Project Contributors:

This list of amazing people and organizations have contributed to the production of this project. I can not thank you all enough for helping bring this project to life, and helping bring it to the people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help, your guidance, your knowledge, your passion, your patience, your love, and community!

Alec Bennett | Cristina Sparks | Aaron Steinberger | Matt Rechs | Mindy Morse | Grant Davis | Michael Christian | Moldover | Thwen Chaloemtiarana | Matias Beltran-Tasley | Marissa Ryan | Jennifer Shroer | Burning Man Project | Wonderland SF Gallery | Black Rock Arts Foundation

Project Supporters:

This is a list of all the angels and art lovers who helped fund this project. Listed in the order in which they were received. It's amazing the sense of validation you get when someone supports your artistic endeavors. Thank you all for your generosity, kindness, and support. You are amazing!

Tamo Hulva | Sara Gorr | Kevin Verlander | Lori McHugh | Hollie Mitchell | Michael Zanoni | Anna Scott | Wendy Watkins | Adnan Sharif | Marcus Segal | Chrissy Kaufman | Brennan Young | Seth + Collier Hancock | Marissa Ryan Angela Coon | Seth Roberts | Melissa Schilling | Betsy O'Neill | Robin Russell | Maya Scales | Dean Talanehzar Mathieu Cabart | Tadd Cortell | Micah Byrnes | Jaime Abad | Yuri Psinakis | Tish Hendershot | James Morton
Alex Mace | Benjamin Vallery | N Zelus | Galen Abbott | Nico Johanna | Ed Campaniello | Fil Latore | Brian Walsh | Cindy Boyd-Chudley | Josette Melchor | Robert & Sandy Boyd | Eric Ringer | Joe Martin | Charlotte Kaufman | NYCEMEG